New OPTEX integration to Genetec™ Security Center heralds new era in area sensing and critical infrastructure security solutions


New OPTEX integration to Genetec™ Security Center heralds new era in area sensing and critical infrastructure security solutions


Innovative laser scanning technology from OPTEX, can now be integrated with the Genetec™ Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance module, to deliver a new era in security and detection in outdoor and indoor environments for airports and other critical infrastructure sites.

Via the RSA Surveillance module, OPTEX’s award-winning REDSCAN laser sensors can now send real-time events and alarm data to the Genetec™ unified security platform, Security Center, alerting control room operators to any intrusion in the surveillance area. Intrusions can be tracked on site maps to enable operators to respond to threats even more quickly and accurately.

The REDSCAN laser sensors provide highly customisable virtual walls and ceilings which can be used to protect a perimeter line, but also specific areas. In the case of an airport, this might include entrances to hangars, gates and other restricted areas including baggage halls. 

The virtual ceiling or panes can protect rooftops and open areas (to create ‘sterile zones’), as well as being able to detect objects thrown over partition walls between secured and non-secured areas, such as passports and contraband. 

OPTEX REDSCAN is an extremely reliable system, whatever the internal lighting or external weather conditions. The target object can be defined by its size and the speed it is moving; when used in outdoor applications, it can ignore most wildlife such as rabbits, birds, and rodents.

“We are pleased to welcome OPTEX as a partner,” says Georges Tannous, Director of Strategic Alliances at Genetec. “The technology and detection precision provided by their LiDAR devices can help benefit airport, mass transit and critical infrastructure customers.”

These sentiments were echoed by Ryosuke Miwa, Senior General Manager of Global Security Division from OPTEX Japan. “We are delighted with the integration of our laser detection sensor within the Genetec™ RSA Surveillance module. 

“Intrusion detection along the perimeter, or a controlled area inside a building, can play a critical role in an overall security solution, especially for airports and other high security sites that Genetec software is often specified for. The integration adds another layer of awareness and control to the system’s operator.”

To add a REDSCAN laser on a Genetec RSA Surveillance module, a device licence will be required. It will be supported on any Security Center Pro or Enterprise version 5.6 SR1 and later releases.